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Past commissions

Complete list of commissions made by and for London Sinfonietta.
Dates listed are for the world premiere performance.


17th November 2021 Shabaka Hutchings  Hordes of Undemocratic Savages
17th November 2021 Cassie Kinoshi  Solaristic Precepts
17th November 2021 Elliot Galvin  Beginning of the Sharpness
17th November 2021 Laura Jurd  Ornette Variations
9th July 2021 Laura Bowler Houses Slide


22nd November 2020 James Dillion Pharmakeia 
18th November 2020 Robert Mitchell Our Hearts Dance the Infinite (As The Giant Puya Blooms)
6th May 2020 Laura Bowler The Digger
15th April 2020 Edmund Finnis Three Solos
29th January 2020 Patrick Brennan Aquam nostrum pecunia bibimus, ligna nostra pretio comparavimus


27th November 2019 Kate Whitley Flutter
9th November 2019 Tansy Davies The rule is love
15th October 2019 Edward Nesbit Viola Concerto
23rd November 2019 Georg Friedrich Haas Hommage à Bridget Riley
25th September 2019 Edward Nesbit Shepherd’s Song
10th July 2019 Bushra El-Turk Trochee
22nd May 2019 Oliver Leith long cool drink
17th April 2019 Richard Ayres No. 50 (The Garden) 
20th March 2019 James MacMillan Love Bade Me Welcome
27th March 2019 Trish Clowes A walk in the park - or so they say
16th March 2019 Trish Clowes Hero
16th March 2019 Oscar Bianchi ORANGO
30th January 2019 John Woolrich Good Morning
17th January 2019 Josephine Stephenson Shuffle
17th January 2019 Oliver Leith Balloon
17th January 2019 Harrison Birtwistle Pulse Sampler (re-worked version)


12th April 2018 Philip Venables The Gender Agenda
16th May 2018 Charlotte Bray Relections in Time
16th May 2018 
Emma Wilde El Blanco Dia
20th June 2018 Tansy Davies / Nick Drake Cave
14th March 2018 Matthew Herbert more more more
21st March 2018 Mira Calix they talk about art, we talk about money
22nd March 2018 
Gabriele Cosmi Musica per cinque strumenti
22nd March 2018 Christopher Fox Caoineadh
22nd March 2018 Yûta Bandoh Bubbles I 
4th April 2018 Scanner Kamiokande
4th April 2018 Mandel Nha Trang
21st July 2018 Luca Francesconi We Wept
21st July 2018 Isabel Mundry Gefallen
21st July 2018 Hannah Kendall Verdala
21st July 2018 Georg Friedrich Haas the last minutes of inhumanity 
24th January 2018 Samantha Fernando Formations
24th January 2018 Colin Matthews Bell-Whether

24th January 2018 Deborah Pritchard River Above
26th October 2018 Matt Rogers Of the wonderful Nature of Air
7th December 2018 Mark Bowden Sapiens
7th December 2018 Colin Matthews As Time Returns


27th September 2017 Cheryl Frances-Hoad McQueen Sketches
25th January 2017 Elliot Galvin Hunt
29th November 2017 Edward Nesbit Two Lines
23rd March 2017 Benjamin Oliver Changing Up
31st May 2017 Emma-Ruth Richards Dark Radiance
2nd July 2017 Philip Venables Illusions (world premiere of reworked version)
26th July 2017 Elizabeth Winters 6:52am Prelude
2nd June 2017 Rolf Wallin Spirit
2nd June 2017  Eivind Buene Sea Change


20th July 2016 Luke Bedford Hushing Hymn
23rd Novemeber 2016 Luke Bedford Besilvering
1st June 2016 Harrison Birtwistle Duets in a Frame
1st June 2016 Tom Coult Spirit of the Staircase
11th February 2016 Samantha Fernando The Journey Between Us
25th May 2016 Ben Foskett Four Impressions
28th September 2016 Emily Hall See Through Squares
6th  December 2016 Morgan Hayes Overture: The Kiss
6th  December 2016 Simon Holt Fool is Hurt
4th March 2016 Hannah Kendall Into Pieces
22th October 2016 Christian Mason In the Midst of the Sonorous Islands
16th July 2016 Benjamin Oliver Beasts Bounding Through Time
23rd March 2016 Deborah Pritchard Inside Colour
24th April 2016 Matt Rogers What Happened To Travel
22th October 2016 Huang Ruo The Sonic Great Wall
27th June 2016 Luke Styles A Shot at the Stars
8th October 2016 Salvatore Sciarrino Immagina Il Deserto
28th September 2016 Emily Hall See Through
3rd April 2016 George Lewis Tales of the Traveler 


9th May 2015 Kerry Andrew NHS
25th November 2015 Richard  Baker Risveglio
1st March 2015 Steve Beresford Green Slipper
1st June 2015 Harrison Birtwistle The Cure (partner piece to The Corridor)
23th September 2015 Charlotte  Bray On the Other Shore
1st February 2015 John Butcher Good Liquor Caused my Heart for to Sing
28th March 2015 Mark Carroll Black Lake and EXIT
25th March 2015 Francisco Coll Hyperlude IV
10th October 2015 Laurence Crane Chamber Symphony No. 2, 'The Australian'
27th July 2015 David Fennessy Elf
22nd June 2015 Samantha Fernando Fault Line
9th May 2015 Michael Finnissy Don't Insult Our Interlligence
28th January 2015 Larry Goves Extracts from South Korea and Japan 2002
9th May 2015 Emily Hall Higher Ground
9th May 2015 Gwyneth Herbert Tick tock TICK
9th May 2015 Matthew Herbert Remember Remembered Remembering
9th May 2015 Gavin Higgins Visitors
9th May 2015 Jordan Hunt Love Forward
9th May 2015 Shabaka Hutchings The Silent Choice
10th October 2015 Marisol Jimenez XLIII - MEMORIAM VIVIRE
28th March 2015 Okkyung Lee Pub Crawl Day 2
15th February 2015 Mica Levi 2 Dregs
27th February 2015 Mica Levi Greezy
28th March 2015 Soosan Lolavar Protect me from what I want
9th May 2015 Colin Matthews April Sunshine
8th February 2015 Thurston Moore Nice
9th May 2015 Benjamin Oliver The National Loneliness
9th May 2015 Emma-Ruth Richards English House
27th May 2015 Matt Rogers Orac
12th April 2015 Elliott Sharp Glass Call
22nd February 2015 Elliott Sharp The Hidden Variable
9th May 2015 Philip Venables Illusions
9th May 2015 Ian Vine Individual Voices
9th May 2015 John Woolrich Singing in the Lifeboat
9th May 2015 Jason Yarde No One Should Be Homeless 


10th January 2014 Na'ama Zisser Drowned in C 
10th January 2014 Scanner Unsleeping 
9th May 2014 Hejira (Alex Reeve) Can you hear me?
5th December 2014 Harrison Birtwistle Duet 4 Violute
5th December 2014 Harrison Birtwistle Duet 5 Echo
21 May 2014 Elspeth Brooke Green Spring
13th July 2014 Richard Causton Untitled
23rd July 2014 Tom Coult Études 3 & 4
26th November 2014 Samantha Fernando Kinesphere
21 May 2014 Shiva Feshareki Surround sound piece for prepared turntables and mixed ensemble
7 June 2014 Emily Hall Insert Words Here
13th June 2014 Bryn Harrison Passing Light
21 May 2014 Eve Harrison When the Lights Go Out
21 May 2014 Gavin Higgins Uncle Dima
10th December 2014 Christopher Mayo Wintermute
10th December 2014 Benjamin Oliver The Thing
10th December 2014 Deborah Pritchard From an Opaque Space
10th December 2014 Luke Styles Parallax of Mars
10th December 2014 Jacob Thompson-Bell Hymns to a Fading Planet
17 September 2014 Charlie Usher Western edge, euphrates, desert tract
30th April 2014 Michel van der Aa Hysteresis


22nd May 2013 Luke Bedford Renewal
21st January 2013 Elspeth Brooke At The World's Edge
13th May 2013 Luke Carver Goss Ballads of Blood
8th December 2013 Francisco Coll Ad Marginem
8th December 2013 Gregory Emfietzis The Black Art of Obscurantism
8th December 2013 Adam Fergler Personal Space
8th December 2013 Samantha Fernando Positive/Negative Space
8th December 2013 Edmund Finnis Seeing is Flux
8th December 2013 Geoff Hannan LIFEBLOOD
8th December 2013 Aaron Holloway-Nahum De Ce Trombonesti?
13th May 2013 Edward Jessen Gallup Memo
8th December 2013 Matthew Kaner Chants
13th July 2013 Steve Potter play
8th December 2013 Amber Priestley There, I've said it, I've put my cards on the table
9th March 2013 Steve Reich Radio Rewrite
8th December 2013 Tristan Rhys-Williams reduction form
13th May 2013 Dan Stern I Know Waiting
8th December 2013 Andrew Thomas And the Bird by the Water is Turning White


2nd December 2012 Mark Bowden Parable
9th June 2012 Martin Creed Work No. 1375
2nd December 2012 Bushra El Turk TAINT
2nd December 2012 Larry Goves Trends in Personal Relationships
2nd December 2012 Jordan Hunt Siren
2nd December 2012 Edward Jessen The Discerning Hours


10th March 2011 Gerald Barry Feldman's Six Penny Editions
5th September 2011 Harrison Birtwistle In Broken Images
29th May 2011 Phil Cashian Bone Machine
1st July 2011 Tansy Davies Tymbal Organ
1st July 2011 Shiva Feshareki departing in peace, arriving with love
5th November 2011 Shiva Feshareki Valentine's Rhapsody
5th November 2011 Edmund Finnis Unfolds
5th November 2011 Dai Fujikura Double Bass Concerto
5th November 2011 Tim Hodgkinson Hail and Flummox
5th November 2011 Isambard Khroustaliov Zoetrope, Op.3
29th May 2011 Colin Matthews Night Rides
5th November 2011 James Olsen Composition 1317364104
18th January 2011 Naomi Pinnock Words
29th July 2011 Charlie Piper Insomniac
29th May 2011 Martin Suckling Candlebird
29th May 2011 Tim Hodgkinson The Glow & Zig-Zag
21th October 2011 Duncan Macleod Diesis
29th May 2011 Edmund Finnis Veneer


16th October 2010 Richard Causton Dark Processional
1st February 2010 Larry Goves Things that are blue, things that are white and things that are Black
23rd April 2010 Emily Hall All Grand, and All Bright
24th April 2010 Emily Hall Sonnet
25th September 2010 Matthew Herbert One Day
1st May 2010 Micachu & the Shapes Micachu & the Shapes Chopped and Screwed
9th September 2010 Luke Bedford Great Bass Rackett


28th November 2009 Richard Barrett Mesopotamia
25th November 2009 Harrison Birtwistle Bourdon
3rd October 2009 Dai Fujikura K's Ocean
5th September 2009 Dai Fujikura es
3rd October 2009 Claudia Molitor It's not quite how I remember it
24th January 2009 Dominic Muldowney Songs of the Zeitgeist
18th March 2009 James Saunders either/or
28th January 2009 John Woolrich Between the Hammer and the Anvil
18th March 2009 Michael Zev Gordon The Impermanence of Things


28th April 2008 Thomas Adès In Seven Days Piano Concerto with Moving Image
2nd December 2008 Django Bates The Concrake Plays the Bagpipes
2nd December 2008 Harrison Birtwistle The Message
13th December 2008 Mira Calix Ort-oard
3rd October 2008 Philip Cashian Opening of the House
11th October 2008 Tansy Davies Hinterland
1st December 2008 Larry Goves Springtime
2nd December 2008 David Lang lend/lease
30th September 2008 Thomas Larcher Die Nacht der Verlorenen
2nd December 2008 Christian Mason In Time Entwined, In Space Enlaced
2nd December 2008 Anna Meredith Lylat
8th June 2008 Silvina Milstein surrounded by distance
2nd December 2008 Claudia Molitor Untitled 40 [desk-life]
16th November 2008 Alexander Nowak Quantemporette
11th October 2008 Nigel Osborne Rock Music
16the April 2008 Karin Rehnqvist Embrace Me
2nd December 2008 John Woolrich Fragment
14th November 2008 Anna Meredith Axeman


28th April 2007 Simon Bainbridge Music Space Reflection - Manchester
11th June 2007 Harrison Birtwistle Cortège
12th July 2007 Heiner Goebbels Songs of Wars I Have Seen
5th November 2007 Simon Holt Sueños
30th April 2007 Anna  Meredith flak
30th March 2007 Anthony Payne Windows of Eternity
14th November 2007 Tazul Tajuddin Warna Yang Bernada
15th June 2007 Mark-Anthony Turnage About Water
8th May 2007 Ian Vine ocre-oscuro
26th September 2007 Scott Walker And Who Shall Go to the Ball


30th May 2006 Luke Bedford Or Voit Tout En Aventure
13th May 2006 Philip Cashian Piano Concerto
20th October 2006 Richard Causton Phoenix
21st May 2006 Emily Hall Sante
13th May 2006 Bryn Harrison four cycles
30th May 2006 Kenneth Hesketh Detail from the Record
10th May 2006 Michael/Hanif Nyman/Kureishi I was a Total Virgin
18th March 2006 Steve Reich Variations for Vibes, Pianos and Strings
13th May 2006 Jonna Bailie Five Famous Adagios


27th January 2005 William Attwood Iwwer Tiermen
18th June 2005 Harrison Birtwistle Neruda Madrigales
18th May 2005 Unsuk Chin Cantatrix Sopranica
27th January 2005 Sam Hayden Relative Autonomy
29th October 2005 David/Peter Lang/Greenaway Writing on Water
19th February 2005 Tansy Davies Neon
5th December 2005 Jonathan Cole Testament
27th January 2005 Emily Hall Think About Space
19th February 2005 James Olsen Chameleon Concerto
27th March 2005 Jonny Greenwood Piano for Children


11th November 2004 Gavin Bryars From Egil’s Saga
23rd January 2004 Elliott Carter Dialogues
2nd April 2004 Ben Foskett Violin Concerto
14th February 2004 Dai Fujikura Fifth Station
17th March 2004 Jonathan Harvey Two Interludes for an Opera
14th February 2004 Brian Herrington Symphonia
23rd January 2004 Silvina Milstein Tigres Azules
3rd March 2004 Jonny Greenwood Smear


19th September 2003 Harrison Birtwistle Theseus Game
22nd May 2003 Alexander Goehr Marching to Carcassonne
9th May 2003 Stuart MacRae Interact
15th March 2003 Judith Weir Tiger Under the Table
9th May 2003 Peter Wiegold the great wheel
9th May 2003 Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky Notturno
10th May 2003 Stuart MacRae Interact
8th March 2003 Mira Calix Nunu


12th June 2002 Julian Anderson Quasi una Passacaglia
12th June 2002 Louis Andriessen Very Sharp Trumpet Concerto
6th October 2002 Louis Andriessen La Passione
12th June 2002 George Benjamin Olicantus
26th October 2002 Rob Canning The Garden of Forking Paths
12th June 2002 Elliott Carter Au Quai
28th April 2002 Paul Clay either total
16th May 2002 Jonathan Cole Assassin Hair
27th April 2002 John Croft Siramour
27th April 2002 Dai  Fujikura Blue Sky Falling
12th June 2002 Detlev Glanert Dancing Landscapes
16th May 2002 Detlev Glanert Secret Room
12th June 2002 Alexander Goehr Only two notes for olly (the other five for later)
27th April 2002 David Gorton Oblique Prayers
12th June 2002 Magnus Lindberg Bubo Bubo
12th June 2002 Colin Matthews Flourish, with fireflies
6th March 2002 Peter Maxwell Davies Crossing Kings Reach
12th June 2002 Augusta Read Thomas Light the First Light of Evening
12th June 2002 Mark-Anthony Turnage Snapshots
12th June 2002 Charles Wuorien Fifty Fifty
12th June 2002 Robert Zuidam I suppose a fugue is out of the question?
12th June 2002 Hans Werner Henze Olly on the Shore
12th June 2002 Augusta Read Thomas Light at the First Light of Evening


6th May 2001 Gerald Barry God Save the Queen
16th February 2001 Luke Bedford Five Abstracts
21st April 2001 Mary Bellamy Earth and sky reflect each other
9th November 2001 HK  Gruber Zeitfluren
21st April 2001 Morgan Hayes Tracery Balustrades
13th January 2001 Alfred Schnittke Fragment
21st April 2001 Joby Talbot minus 1501
22nd April 2001 Fraser Trainer The Colour of Scars
12th November 2001 Mark-Anthony Turnage Dark Crossing
22nd April 2001 Paul Whitty if/it/is/i/change/can/could/crowd
21st April 2001 Peter Wiegold Farewells take place in silence
16th May 2001 Charles Wuorinen Wuorinen Cyclops (2000)


6th February 2000 Julian Anderson Alhambra Fantasy
15th April 2000 William Attwood Tourbillons
15th April 2000 Tansy Davies Torsion
15th April 2000 Joe Duddell Alberti Addict
16th April 2000 Bryn Harrison Time and Intervention
2nd October 2000 Sir John Tavener In One Single Moment


1st May 1999 Simon Bainbridge Towards the Bridge
1st May 1999 Gavin Bryars When Harry met Addie
10th April 1999 Jonathan Cole Ouroboros
3rd February 1999 Gérard Grisey Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil‡
1st May 1999 Nikki Iles A Gentle Prayer
10th April 1999 Rachel Leach Another Junk Shop
1st May 1999 Richard Rodney-Bennet Rondel
1st May 1999 Poul Ruders Sophisticated-Caravan-Solitude
10th April 1999 Edward Rushton Cheap Drinks
4th June 1999 Esa-Pekka Salonen Five Images after Sappho
10th April 1999 Karen Louise Smith Within the Walls
10th April 1999 Ian Vine Three black moons
10th April 1999 Marc Yeats Tightropes of the Mind



24th January 1998 Oscar Bettison Hang Louche
21st February 1998 David Bruce Carrow
21st February 1998 Edward  Hughes Quartet
21st February 1998 Keith Johnson Don't say a word
24th January 1998 Rachel Leach The Concrete Explosion
20th June 1998 Peter Lieberson Free and Easy Wanderer
21st February 1998 John Lunn Violin Concerto
24th January 1998 Stuart MacRae Into Light
24th January 1998 Joseph Phibbs Cayuga
18th October 1998 Toshiro Saruya Flair of the Seeds
21st February 1998 Fraser Trainer Motion Pictures
24th January 1998 Huw Watkins Finale


28th October 1997 Thomas Adès Concerto Conciso
24th January 1997 Django Bates Some More Upsets
13th December 1997 Alexander Goehr Idées Fixes
15th February 1997 David Sawer Tiroirs
15th February 1997 Fraser Trainer True to Life
2nd December 1997 Iannis Xenakis O-Mega


19th October 1996 John Adams Gnarly Buttons
26th April 1996 Harrison Birtwistle Slow Frieze
4th May 1996 Harrison Birtwistle Bach Measures
21st June 1996 Magnus Lindberg Engine


5th November 1995 Simon Bainbridge Landscapes and Memory
7th March 1995 Steve Reich City Life


11th February 1994 Thomas Adès Living Toys
6th December 1994 Julian Anderson Khorovod
21st May 1994 Anders Nordentoft City of Threads


29th November 1993 George Benjamin A tribute to Olivier Messiaen
23rd January 1993 Robert Saxton Psalm – A Song of Ascents


14th May 1992 James MacMillan Sinfonietta
4th October 1992 Benedict Mason !
29th November 1992 Colin Matthews Contraflow
7th May 1992 Nicholas Maw Shahnama
31st October 1992 Dmitri Smirnov The River of Life
8th December 1992 Michael Torke Monday and Tuesday


8th October 1991 Detlev Müller-Siemens Tom-a-Bedlam
17th April 1991 Dmitri Smirnov Jacob's Ladder
8th October 1991 Hans-Jürgen von Bose Scene
11th December 1991 Hans Werner Henze Requiem/5 Geistliche Konzerte


6th May 1990 Harrison Birtwistle Ritual Fragment
6th November 1990 Martin Butler Jazz Machines
6th November 1990 Geoffrey King Magritte Weather
26th April 1990 Magnus Lindberg Marea
4th November 1990 Jonathan Lloyd Revelation
26th May 1990 Bent Sørenson Shadowland
6th November 1990 Pawel Szymanski quasi una sinfonietta


19th March 1989 Rupert Bawden Dramatic Cantata (Legend of Apollo & Daphne)
18th March 1989 Elena Firsova Chamber Concerto No.4


28th January 1988 Hans Abrahamsen Cello Concerto
24th January 1988 Harrison Birtwistle Four Songs of Autumn
20th May 1988 Robin Holloway Double Concerto
24th January 1988 Simon Holt Ballad of the Black Sorrow
11th February 1988 Jo Kondo Res Sonorae
18th February 1988 Nigel Osborne Stone Garden
20th May 1988 Toru Takemitsu Tree Line
6th May 1988 Iannis Xenakis Waarg


4th June 1986 James Dillon Überschreiten
8th August 1986 Dominic Muldowney Sinfonietta
6th January 1986 Nigel Osborne Hell's Angels
28th May 1986 Richard Rodney-Bennet Dream Dancing
23rd March 1986 Michael Rosenzweig Sinfonietta
5th March 1986 Robert Saxton Chamber Symphony: Circles of Light
4th February 1986 Mark-Anthony Turnage On all fours


7th February 1985 Hans Abrahamsen Märchenbilder
14th February 1985 Simon Bainbridge A Cappella
10th June 1985 Steve Martland American Invention
30th October 1985 Colin Matthews Suns Dance
12th November 1985 Peter Maxwell Davies First Ferry to Hoy
7th February 1985 Nigel Osborne Zansa
31st January 1985 Poul Rudders Symphonic Dance
15th September 1985 Poul Ruders Four Dances in One Movement
14th February 1985 Iannis Xenakis Thallein


18th October 1984 Harrison Birtwistle Secret Theatre
18th October 1984 Harrison Birtwistle Songs by Myself
10th April 1984 Jonathan Lloyd Mass for Six Voices
24th August 1984 Dominic Muldowney Saxophone Concerto


13th April 1983 Simon Bainbridge Concertante in moto perpetuo
20th Novemeber 1983 Martin Butler Concertino
13th April 1983 Simon Holt Kites
4th October 1983 Witold Lutoslawski Chain I
30th November 1983 Wolfgang Rihm Silence to be Beaten
13th April 1983 Mark-Anthony Turnage Before Dark


23rd November 1982 George Benjamin At First Light 
26th October 1982 Elliott Carter In Sleep, In Thunder
16th November 1982 Brian Ferneyhough Carceri d'Invenzione I
2nd November 1982 Michael Finnissy Kelir
9th February 1982 Alexander Goehr Behold the Sun
15th January 1982 Jonathan Lloyd Waiting for Gozo
2nd November 1982 Nigel Osborne Choralis I, II, III
26th October 1982 Toru Takemitsu Rain Coming
26th May 1982 Hans Werner Henze Le Miracle de la Rose


17th November 1981 Detlev Müller-Siemens Under Neon Light I


1st October 1980 Neely Bruce Perfumes & Meanings
11th March 1980 Brian Chapple Venus Fly Trap
19th February 1980 Michael Finnissy alongside
14th July 1980 Robin Holloway Aria
4th April 1980 Satie arr. Birtwistle Satie arr. Birtwistle Mercure – Poses plastiques


14th April 1979 Oliver Knussen Coursing
21st February 1979 Nigel Osborne In Camera
16th June 1979 Aribert Reimann Invenzioni for 12 players


24th January 1978 Harrison Birtwistle Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum
5th May 1978 Martin Dalby Aleph
8th March 1978 John Tavener Kyklike Kinesis
19th November 1978 Hans-Jürgen von Bose Travesties in a Sad Landscape


9th March 1977 Harrison Birtwistle Silbury Air
16th March 1977 Anthony Gilbert Crow Cry
2nd March 1977 Iain Hamilton The Alexandrian Sequence
23rd March 1977 Peter Maxwell Davies A Mirror of Whitening Light
16th March 1977 Dominic Muldowney Three-part Motet
3rd June 1977 Paul Patterson Cracowian Counterparts: Concerto for 14 instruments


23rd January 1976 Robin Holloway Concertino No.3 (Homage to Weill)
28th January 1976 Iannis Xenakis Phlegra


29th October 1975 Gilbert Amy Seven Sites
17th October 1975 Luciano Berio Chemins IV
22nd March 1975 Michael Finnisy World
16th May 1975 Robin Holloway Sea Surface Full of Clouds


5th April 1974 Martin Dalby El Ramanso del Pitido
15th November 1974 Alexander Goehr Lyric Pieces
11th October 1974 Thea Musgrave Space Play
4th January 1974 Hans Werner Henze Voices


7th December 1973 Earle Brown Centering


3rd March 1972 Elisabeth Lutyens The Tears of Night
8th June 1972 John Tavener Canciones Españolas


18th April 1971 Harrison Birtwistle Prologue
26th February 1971 Harrison Birtwistle Meridian
April 14th 1971 Justin Connolly Obbligati III
26th February 1971 Ian Hamilton Voyage
13th January 1971 Henri Lazarof Textures
27th November 1971 Hugh Wood Chamber Concerto


15th June 1970 Don Banks Meeting Place
15th June 1970 Richard Rodney-Bennet Jazz Pastorale


12th February 1969 Harrison Birtwistle Verses for Ensembles
20th June 1969 Roger Smalley Pulses for 4 x 5 players
16th July 1969 John  Tavener A Celtic Requiem


17th December 1968 David Bedford Pentomino