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Laura Jurd: Ornette Variations

Ornette Variations - Laura Jurd (2021)

Laura Jurd  trumpet
Cassie Kinoshi  saxophone
Geoffrey Paterson  conductor
London Sinfonietta

Programme Note: "In 1959, American Jazz saxophonist and 20th Century icon Ornette Coleman released 'The Shape of Jazz To Come'. It quickly became one of jazz's most iconic recordings, paving the way for Ornette's free-spirited, music-making philosophy to influence artists from all over the globe. 
What captivates me about Ornette's playing and music is the way he completely gives himself to the moment, the clear connection to the blues and the direct nature of his delivery - a directness that comes from a self-taught musician who's nurtured his own, unique musical logic. There's a child-like, immediacy to his melodies that cuts straight to the core. He also manages to bring 'Ornette' to the wealth of ensembles and musical settings he cultivated over his lengthy career. His 1972 record with the London Symphony Orchestra, 'Skies of America' is in my mind, one of the most successful meetings of a jazz musician and a classical orchestra as he boldly transforms the orchestra into Ornette Coleman. 
In 'Ornette Variations' I have taken fragments of his material and brought them into my own musical world - often in such a way that they become disguised amongst harmonies and textures which are part of my own creative palette. At other times, there is a more obvious connection to Ornette, via bursts of improvisation from the solo alto saxophone and trumpet parts. Each movement is directly connected to a composition from 'A Shape of Jazz To Come', perhaps recognisable by the Ornette connoisseurs in the audience. This music celebrates Ornette Coleman through a compositionally organised and musically contrasting lens, yet is highly inspired by his commitment to the moment, strength of ideas and instinct. ”. Laura Jurd

Ornette Variations was commissioned by the London Sinfonietta. This film was recorded at the Southbank Centre at the London Third Stream concert on 17 November 2021, as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

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Published: 10 Nov 2022