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Sound Out: Creative Projects with Young People

Sound Out is the London Sinfonietta’s flagship schools programme, which puts creativity and composition at the heart of the partnership projects we run in partnership with the music services of Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest.

The sense of achievement and pride created was palpable. The students gained a great deal from seeing their musical ideas treated with respect and their compositions performed and recorded in a professional manner. John Cooney, composition tutor
It was inspiring! It made me realise that anyone can be a composer. Sound Out Participant

Since its inception in in 2017/18, the London Sinfonietta’s multi-stranded Sound Out programme for schools has enabled thousands of children and young people to hear, explore and create contemporary classical music. Taking a different focus each year, we have worked with primary schools, secondary schools, and music service ensembles to help young people to learn more about instruments, musicians and creating new music. Working directly in schools, London Sinfonietta instrumentalists and composers use the diverse and relevant contemporary music and techniques in which the ensemble specialises to empower and inspire pupils and teachers to explore their creativity and make their own music. We take pride in putting young people centre-stage, valuing them as composers and performers - making young musical voices heard publicly and echoing the professional commissioning process in our education work.

Art of Sound

In 2019/20, Sound Out takes the form of ‘Art of Sound’, a project inspired by the work of iconic British artist Bridget Riley in partnership with the music services of Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest. It includes the following elements:

  • Introductory concerts in schools will explore contemporary techniques
  • Music service junior ensembles will visit the Hayward Gallery and undertake a series of art-inspired composition workshops
  • Output from the composition workshops will be arranged into an orchestral work by renowned composer Trish Clowes
  • A combined youth orchestra from Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest will be coached to learn the new orchestral work and perform it side-by-side with Sinfonietta musicians in a schools concert at the Royal Festival Hall on 12 March 2020

Art of Sound mirrors the commissioning of celebrated Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas by the London Sinfonietta to write a work in parallel with a major Bridget Riley retrospective exhibition at the Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery in Autumn 2019. Haas’ new work was premiered at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on 5 December 2019.


Sound Out aims to achieve the following:

  • Positively introduce a range of contemporary classical music to school audiences.
  • Encourage and facilitate composition using contemporary techniques.
  • Respect schoolchildren as commissioned composers and present their work on the London Sinfonietta stage.
  • Train youth instrumentalists to perform new works composed by their peers.
  • Give young composers and performers high profile platforms to present their work in professional performances.
  • Create environments in which young composers and instrumentalists can create and perform with London Sinfonietta musicians on an equal footing.

The project brings to life the London Sinfonietta’s key values of prioritising creative composition and broadening access to new music.

We're extremely excited to be working in partnership with the London Sinfonietta. Having the opportunity to work alongside professional composers and musicians is truly inspirational Jake Blair, Duke’s Aldridge Academy, Tottenham
Working with the London Sinfonietta has enthused our existing young composers and has inspired more pupils in the borough to explore composition. The workshops and performances have been well pitched and accessible to a wide range of young people and the project has brought together our three boroughs in a new and exciting partnership. Mary Mycroft, Joint Head of Waltham Forest Music Service

Sound Out Partners

  • Enfield Music Service
  • Enfield Council
  • Haringey Young Musicians
  • Haringey Council
The London Sinfonietta is enormously grateful to the London Music Fund, The Ashley Family Foundation, The Bernarr Rainbow Trust, The Bridget Riley Art Foundation, Francis Taylor Building and The Michael Tippett Musical Foundation for their generous support of Sound Out.


For more information on our work with schools, and to find out how your school can get involved please email Christine Andrews