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Through the lens: Minimalism with London Sinfonietta

On Friday 3 May, London Sinfonietta concluded the second year of our residency in Enfield with a concert at the Dugdale Arts Centre.

As part of London Sinfonietta’s In Town programme, a series of workshops were held with residents at Fore Street Library, Edmonton, between November 2023 and March 2024.

Inspired by these musical and animation workshops, composer Ryan Morgan and Film maker Nigel Kellaway created a new piece of music and film. The film was premiered on Thursday 18 April and was included in the concert.

During our second residency at St Ignatius College in January 2024, year 9 students spent three days composing with workshop leader Patrick Bailey and London Sinfonietta musicians and composers from The Purcell School for Young Musicians. 

The composers took the musical ideas created by the St Ignatius students and arranged them into three exciting new pieces for the London Sinfonietta. 

Mystery! (and Celebration), 'Play-Fight' and Rhapsody for Sextet. 

Throughout the evening, London Sinfonietta explored the experimental beginnings of minimalist music in California and New York to its role as a mainstay of contemporary music. The concert brought together seminal works from the minimalist movement including Gavin Bryars' 1971 masterpiece Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet. 


Photo Credit: Nat Gee 

An extended version of this programme will be performed at the Portsmouth Guildhall on 15 May 2024

Published: 7 May 2024