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A goddess reimagined



We are currently re-planning our season after the Coronavirus lockdown
Full details of this event are to be announced soon

Join us for the premiere of Pharmakeia, the complete cycle of four movements by Scottish composer James Dillon, commissioned by the London Sinfonietta in celebration of the composer’s 70th birthday, that began with his 2017 work Circe. Known for his eclectic influences, Circe transformed the Greek goddess of magic into enchanting musical forms, with moments of suspense, playfulness and mysticism throughout. Noted in the Dillon’s score, the goddess’ particular powers appear as transmutation, illusion and necromancy - so expect an otherworldly, unnerving fairy-tale as we experience the full cycle. 
In response to Dillon's music, artists from Central Saint Martins will create new films.  

James Dillon Pharmakeia (2020; London premiere) 

Geoffrey Paterson conductor
London Sinfonietta

Co-commissioned by the London Sinfonietta and Ensemble Intercontemporain.
Produced by London Sinfonietta in association with hcmf/
With the friendly support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

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