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What We Do

New Music for New Audiences

The London Sinfonietta always seeks to extend its reach to more people with the inspiring sound of new music. In the coming season we explore new concert formats performed in new locations around the country to make the exciting music of 20th and 21st century composers and artists more accessible than ever.

The space is astounding – a soaring cathedral nave deep
inside the womb of a decommissioned printworks The Telegraph on Cave by Tansy Davies and Nick Drake
Extremely enjoyable evening hearing pieces
I would not have heard otherwise Audience member, Southampton

In the 2019/20 Season, the London Sinfonietta broadens its association with Music Theatre Wales, with three new productions touring England and Wales. The ensemble will also make an in-depth return to the music of the 20th century, upon which repertoire the ensemble built its international reputation and the concert series Sound Across a Century brings into focus the individual composers and composing trends that have influenced today’s music.

Turning Points embarks on a new touring format to venues around the UK including afternoon family concerts. Our New Music Channel will present new music of all kinds to audiences around the world.

Commissioning new music remains at the heart of the London Sinfonietta’s work, from larger scale new pieces by Georg Friedrich Haas, Tansy Davies and Edward Nesbit to the ongoing series of solo Sinfonietta Shorts created by early-career composers across the season.



Music in Schools & the Community

The London Sinfonietta was the first ensemble in the UK to launch a music education programme. This pioneering spirit has continued and flourished ever since, expanding to include regular performances and workshops with members of the public.

Sound Out is a hugely successful schools programme encompassing creative projects and culminating annually in a concert attended by students from across London and the South East of England. Groups of young people enter the fascinating world of new music and learn more about how to compose, putting this into practice by interacting with London Sinfonietta musicians who seek to encourage and inspire the next generation of creative artists. The London Sinfonietta is in an on-going partnership with the boroughs of Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest, with whom it aims to build a positive environment for creative music-making in the classroom and with instrumental groups.

Connect is the London Sinfonietta’s public participation programme, named after an ongoing European collaboration that commissions composers to write pieces for the public to perform alongside professional musicians.

The London Sinfonietta is proud to be associated with CoMA’s bi-annual festival showcasing public involvement in new music across the UK and Europe.

It helped me realise anyone can be a composer – even a pupil! Pupil response to Sound Out 2019
I loved the concept of creating a living, breathing work of art unique to that space and time, and to be part of that collaboration was truly a joy Public participant, March 2019
I didn't like it, I loved it! Pupil response to Sound Out 2018



Developing Talent

The London Sinfonietta supports emerging talent with its year-round programmes for composers, conductors and performers, giving early-career artists the opportunity to develop new skills and contacts as they establish themselves in the professional arena.

I hugely value this relationship that has led me to direct such varied projects. Geoffrey Paterson, conductor (Academy participant in 2010)
It’s been very stimulating and I’ve got so much out of it.
It’s a privilege to play next to London Sinfonietta players. Academy Participant July 2019

The fourth edition of the composer development programme Writing the Future will be launched in the 2019/20 season, recruiting a diverse group of composers and giving them the chance to write for London Sinfonietta concerts. The research and development project Blue Touch Paper also enters a new phase, with composers asked to create engaging digital works of art for online audiences.

The London Sinfonietta Academy provides workshops, coaching and performance opportunities for young musicians. Its annual summer course is especially popular, encouraging young players from around the UK to hone their new music performance skills by working directly alongside London Sinfonietta professionals. The new London Sinfonietta Junior Academy offers workshop days and side-by-side performances for younger musicians, introducing concepts at the heart of new music to players who are keen to pursue further musical training.