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Jonathan Glazer’s 2014 film Under the Skin impressed critics with its uncomfortable portrayal of an otherworldly predator, for which Mica Levi’s beautiful, elemental and skewed music provided the intoxicating soundtrack.

Previously known as a DJ and singer-songwriter in her band Micachu and the Shapes, with whom the London Sinfonietta have collaborated, Levi was catapulted to international fame and earned herself a BAFTA nomination for the film score. With strains of Ligeti and Cage running through its hazy mix of digitally-processed and live sound, Levi’s microtonal world is captivating in performance – veering between sensuality and disquiet to compelling effect.

The Sinfonietta’s sound engineers Sound Intermedia did a wonderful job of blending the live sound with the film’s own soundtrack, so good that one sometimes forgot there was a live band there at all. The Telegraph

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Their playing is so rich and enveloping that I become completely beguiled by the sights and sounds surrounding the hall.

Production overview

Duration: 108'
Orchestration: 1/picc/alto.0.0.0   2 percussion (including drum pads) 2 synths + film = 24 players + conductor + sound projection engineer  
Lighting: Ensemble amplified and with lit stands
Minimum stage footprint needed: 12m x 5m
Projector: CDP with large screen
Film: CDP film file available from Studio Canal
Publisher: Music Sales
Language: English

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