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From experimental beginnings in California and New York loft and gallery spaces to its role as a mainstay of contemporary music. The London Sinfonietta’s latest Turning Points concert focusses on works by three of Minimalism’s greatest early exponents: Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley.

The Emergence of Minimalism focusses on works from the late 1960s and early 1970s when the movement was exploring the experimental possibilities of phasing, tape loops, additive rhythms and extended repetition.  The production of ‘My Name Is’ requires members of the audience to be recorded as they arrive, and for their voices to be reworked into one of Reich’s early minimal compositions.

The London Sinfonietta’s exciting chamber touring format Turning Points presents new music by composers whose output was so distinctive that it influenced the course of music history.   The events combine up-close performances and public involvement with video interludes of the composers and images from their time creating an immersive and alternative music experience for the audience.

Production overview

Genre: Chamber scale immersive concert
Duration: c. 2 hours
Instrumentation: varied – violin, percussion, clarinet, piano + electronics = 4 musicians + 1 sound engineer
Steve Reich My Name Is
Steve Reich Violin Phase
Philip Glass Knee Play No.2 from Einstein on the Beach
Philip Glass 1+1
Philip Glass Music in Similar Motion
Public / local participation: Terry Riley’s In C can be included in the project – including the possibility of involving local musicians performing alongside the London Sinfonietta

Find out more

Please contact London Sinfonietta CEO & Artistic Director Andrew Burke for more information.

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