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Much more than just a piece of music, Enno Poppe’s Speicher is a complex structure of variations and repetitions that pushes its 22 players to their interpretative and technical extremes. But it is just as immersive for its audience as it is for those on stage.

Speicher is an adventure in active listening –gradually revealing clues as to what might be coming next through an unpredictable network of derivations. As we, too, become part of the unfolding music, so it truly comes alive. Developed over five years and premiered in Europe in 2013, London Sinfonietta performed its UK premiere in 2016 with conductor Susanna Mälkki.

A brilliant display piece for a new-music ensemble that really knows its way around such dense and potentially prickly music. The London Sinfonietta, conducted with fabulous authority and clarity by Susanna Mälkki, certainly made the most of it. " The Guardian

Production overview

Duration: 76'                      
Genre: Orchestral
Orchestration: 1/picc/bass + 1/alto/bass.1/cor.1/Eb/bass + 1/bass.1/contra.1alto/sop sax:   1.1/picc/soptrombone.1.0 : : 2 perc : 1 piano/celeste : 1 harp : 1 accordion = 22 players + conductor
Publisher: Ricordi
World Premiere: Donaueschingen, 20.10.2013 

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