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In the final months before his untimely death, Fausto Romitelli fulfilled a lifetime ambition to create a total scenic art, ‘an experience of total perception, plunging the spectator into a magma of sounds, shapes and colours’.

Combining an acoustic ensemble with multiple projections and electronics, the video opera transforms the way one perceives sound, its orchestration and psychedelic use of electronics creating a ‘violent and abstract narrative, denuded of all operatic artifice'.

Production overview

Genre: Video-opera for soprano, ensemble, electronics and multiprojection
Duration: 65’
Orchestration: 1/picc/bass.1/cor.1/bass.0  1 elect guitar 1 bass guitar 1keyboard/piano/sampler + electronics + film + voice (amplified ensemble and mezzo soprano) = 11 players + mezzo-soprano + conductor + sound engineer
To be performed with lit music stands, video multiprojection on 3 independent screens, live electronics, surround sound.

Artists previously performed with London Sinfonietta: André de Ridder conductor / Hila Plitmann mezzo soprano / Sound Intermedia sound projection / Yeast Culture video projection
Publisher: Ricordi
Libretto: Lekovich Kenka
Video: Paolo Pachini
Language: English
London Premiere: 08 October 2014 London Sinfonietta

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Please contact London Sinfonietta CEO & Artistic Director Andrew Burke for more information.

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