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Community Commissions

An Open Call Out for Nominations

The last few months have seen people across the globe experience the importance of community, the sense of being part of something and the support and comfort that can bring. The London Sinfonietta is celebrating this by commissioning a series of four new portrait works inspired by individuals, groups or organisations.

We invite you to nominate a member of the public to be the subject of one of these new works. The four works, each written by a different composer, will reflect the stories that have come out of the past few months and the individuals or organisations who mean a lot to a community. Each work will be premiered this Autumn by a London Sinfonietta musician in a community setting to celebrate the importance of live performance and share new music with new audiences.

Nominations are now closed. Thank you to everyone who made a nomination!

If your nomination has been selected we will get in touch in with you shortly to find out a bit more and arrange to contact your nominee. The four compositions will be announced at the end of September.