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Steve Reich's Clapping Music app


A game based on Steve Reich’s iconic Clapping Music, this ground-breaking app lets anyone improve their rhythm. Tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all of the variations. If you slip up or your accuracy falls, it’s game over.

In 1972 I composed a piece called Clapping Music and all it needs is your two hands. This app is very helpful: it will teach you to play the piece and it will prepare you to perform it live. It’s a bit of a challenge but an interesting one, and you can download it for free. Steve Reich




We have developed this app in partnership with Touchpress and Queen Mary University of London. QMUL undertook research into how the app supported people’s acquisition and development of rhythm. 

Forget ‘Angry Birds’, or ‘2048’. The latest star of a maddeningly addictive iPhone game is the composer Steve Reich New York Times
I've become totally obsessed with beating it. Anybody who's played music or thinks they've got pretty good rhythm should check it out and see how musical you actually are. Business Insider

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