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Through the Lens: Postcard Pieces

Postcard Piece by James Banner

This Through the Lens feature takes a closer look at the range of Postcard Pieces submitted by members of the public as part of our lockdown live series. Take a look at the wonderful creative responses below, and read some quotes and ideas from our participants.

With the challenge to create a work Inspired by the Postal Pieces of composer James Tenney, the only condition was that it should fit on the back of a postcard. With or without the use of traditional notation people are welcome to create a musical ‘score’ using staves and notes, colours, shapes, lines, words, instructions, collage or any combination of these. The next concert will be Friday 8 May at 1pm. Read more about the project and get involved here.

Postcard Piece 2020

“It is a collage inspired  by chopping up etchings from a sound installation titled 2B Or Not 2B (To Be OR Not To Be). I have sliced up sound waves generated by writing with different grades of pencils leads 2B & non 2B.” 

- Sumi Perera, postcard piece creator

Postcard Piece 2020

“Great fun in lockdown and inspired to participate as I have never composed a graphic score before - thank you!”

- Isabella Guilar, Postcard Piece Creator

Postcard piece 2020

“This was drawn whilst listening to a soundscape by a sound artist called Leona Jones (based in Cardiff, South Wales) - thought it might be good for 2 instruments.... Best-est wishes in the meantime, from Newport - South Wales.”

- Marega Palser, Postcard Piece Creator

Published: 1 May 2020