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Through the Lens: Marius Neset

London Sinfonietta joined Marius Neset and his band on the Queen Elizabeth Hall stage to reprise their 2022 BBC Proms performance of Geyser. 

The third collaboration between Marius Neset and London Sinfonietta highlighted Marius' increasing affinity for the ensemble's sound and continued to build on their two previous collaborations, Snowmelt (2015) and Viaduct (2019). Geyser was composed for London Sinfonietta in combination with Neset's own jazz quintet, with the hope to integrate the freedom and spontaneity off jazz into the written-down, 'classical' idiom that the Sinfonietta is used to working in. 

Geyser is a work that has been influenced by the turbulent events of the world in the last two years, what started as a piece that was celebrating the reopening of the world and a return to the stage for many art forms, quickly changed to reflect the sadness and shock of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

"As someone who writes with a lot of emotion, such events will always affect the music," Marius said.

An orchestra who can bring off a piece that fully unites the rhythmic energy of jazz with more classical approaches, to say nothing of coping with the intricacy of Neset’s section writing, are an ensemble to be cherished. London Jazz News - Jon Turney
This was music intended to be experienced in one enormous sweep of wildly contrasting sounds. Planet Hugill - Florence Maunders
Photos by Sisi Burn 

Published: 20 Nov 2023