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New Year's Resolution ideas from London Sinfonietta

A new year has begun, so it's time to reset, revitalise, and perhaps set a resolution or two. We've picked out five ideas for a New Year's resolution in 2022 - and of course, they are all ways in which you can get involved with the London Sinfonietta's work!

An image of London Sinfonietta musicians and cyclists at the Houses Slide concert

1. Take steps to live a greener life

Now more than ever, climate change is a big talking point across the globe. Everyone can play a role - big or small - in addressing the global climate crisis, and we've used our platform to actively respond to this significant challenge.

From Tansy Davies' Cave to Matthew Herbert's more more more, we've produced work that engages with the subjects of climate, waste and biodiversity.

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An image of the Then & Now concert creative

2. Discover some new music at your next concert

If you're looking for a new experience at the concert hall, look no further than our live concerts in 2022. From thought-provoking new commissions to inventive music-theatre presentations, there are many opportunities to discover the excitement and boundary-pushing ideas of contemporary new music.

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A collage of postcard pieces for a London Sinfonietta composition challenge

3. Compose a new piece of music

We believe anyone can be a composer, and our Composition Challenges is the perfect way for young people, teachers and schools to write new music in the classroom.

Take a look at our short films guiding you through each challenge and the different ways in which you can get creative.

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An image of the Introduction to contemporary instruments creative

4. Learn more about contemporary music

Curious about the unusual demands 21st century music can make on instruments and performers? Watch our players dive in to the nuances of contemporary performance, and see the techniques and styles used in new music composition.

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To kick things off, our Principal Violist Paul Silverthorne explores some of the most renowned pieces of contemporary writing for viola.

An image of school children at a London Sinfonietta Sound Out schools concert

5. Support a good cause

When you make a donation to the London Sinfonietta, you play a crucial role in helping us to realise our most important ambitions – to commission and perform the music of today, to inspire creativity in young people and the community, and to train the next generation of performers and composers.

Find out more about the many ways you can support us.

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Published: 22 Dec 2021