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Sinf Shorts 10th June

Sinfonietta Shorts: Tom Coult and Caroline Shaw 10th June

This pre-recorded live performance features Tom Coult Etudes 3 and 4 and Caroline Shaw In Manus Tuas, played live by London Sinfonietta Principal Violin Jonathan Morton.

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Sinf Short 3rd June

Sinfonietta Shorts: Ben Foskett and Sally Beamish 3rd June

This live-stream featured Ben Foskett Four Impressions and Sally Beamish That Recent Earth, played live by London Sinfonietta principal viola Paul Silverthorne.

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Saxophone Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Mark Bowden and Graham Fitkin 20th May 2020

This live-stream featured Mark Bowden Parable and Graham Fitkin Braemar, played live by London Sinfonietta Principal Saxophone Simon Haram.

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Piano Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Patrick Brennan and Edward Nesbit 13th May 2020

This live-stream featured Patrick Brennan Three Miniatures and Edward Nesbit Two Lines, played live by London Sinfonietta Pianist Clíodna Shanahan.

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Percussion Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Laura Bowler and Matthew Shlomowitz 6th May 2020

This live-stream featured Matthew Shlomowitz's Hi-Hat and Me. We also hear a World Premiere of Laura Bowler's new piece The Digger. Both played live by London Sinfonietta Percussionist Joe Richards.

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Flute Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Samantha Fernando and Colin Matthews 29th April 2020

This live-stream featured Colin Matthews' Bell-Wether, an LS short commission supported by Lark Music, written in memory of former principal flute Sebastian Bell, and premiered at the Royal Festival Hall on 24 January 2018. We also heard Samantha Fernando's Kinesphere an LS short commission premiered at Kings Place on 26 November 2014. Both played live by London Sinfonietta Principal Michael Cox.

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Double Bass Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Dai Fujikura and Trish Clowes 22nd April 2020

Showcasing Trish Clowes' work Hero, an LS short commission premiered on 27 March 2019, and Dai Fujikura's Es, also an LS short commission, supported by Robert Clark and Susan Costello, and premiered at Kings Place on 5 September 2009. The works were performed live by the London Sinfonietta principal double bassist Enno Senft. Both the composers will joined us to discuss their work, and answers questions from our online audience via chat.

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Cello Sinfonietta Shorts

Sinfonietta Shorts: Edmund Finnis and Emma-Ruth Richards 15th April 2020

Showcasing the world premiere of a new London Sinfonietta commission by composer Edmund Finnis, performed by our principal cello Tim Gill, this special live programme also featured Emma-Ruth Richard's solo cello work 'Dark Radiance’, commissioned by the London Sinfonietta in 2017.

Watch here

Published: 4 May 2020